Rabia Vocational School came into being in 1981 just with the inception of Rabia Welfare Hospital. The cause behind the establishment of such a noble institute was very dignified, righteous and splendid .

At that time the deasise of TB was very common in Lahore District. There was not a single family where there was not a TB patient. The financial sources of the people were not enough to arrange even the medicine as well as healthy diet for their patients. Moreover the ratio of addicted people was drastically increasing and they were becoming a burden on their families instead of sharing the responsibilities. Keeping in view the above describe situation Meher Muhammad Younis and their family decided to establish such a practical vocational institute from where the women and girls of the area, not only may get vocational education but also play an active role in minimizing the financial hardships of their families by utilizing their skills just working inside their homes.

Al-Hamdu Lillah people witnessed that with the mutual efforts of both the organizations not only the disease of TB was defeated but vocational training also proved a milestone of progress and prosperity for the people. By the grace of almighty Allah today thousands of women and girls had completed their vocational education from Rabia Vocational School and leading a prosperous and respectable life and lightening the name of their parents and institution.

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